Sexual Assault: The University of Kansas

                         Transfer to another school​

We are in complete shock to see how easy it is to transfer to another school and begin playing football.  I've provided a link below to an article that brought this to light, additionally I've attached a copy of the letter to my daughter listing all the stipulations for transcripts etc.

1.       He will be effectively permanently expelled. He will be immediately withdrawn and not eligible for readmission to the University.

2.       He will have a transcript notation. The transcript notation would be included on transcripts sent to other schools. The resolution does not change the University's ability under the law to respond to inquiries from other schools.

3.       He will be immediately banned from campus for a period of ten years.  We believe this gives you ample opportunity to finish your education, including any graduate work at KU, without having to worry about his being on campus (even as a non-student).

4.       The no contact directive will remain in place.